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Issue links -

Issue links are provided for background information and perspective on issues and are the opinions of their authors and are not policy positions of the National Small Business Network.

Federal Fiscal Policy & the Deficit

The Federal Highway Trust Fund & Motor Fuel Excise Tax.                    CRS Report 7-5700 August 2014 

Developing a Sustainable Federal Budget Process  NSBN Policy Paper 01-2016

Solutions for the "Fiscal Cliff" and Rebuilding a Sustainable Economy - NSBN Policy Paper November-2012

Current and Projected Data on the Debt, Taxes & the Economy - US Debt running summary.

Reducing the Budget Deficit - CRS Report 04-2011

National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility & Reform 12-2010 Final Report

Federal Budget Issues 2012 & Beyond - CRS Report 04-2011

Committee  for a Responsible Federal Budget - Reports & policy recommendations on the Budget and deficit.

Peterson - Pew Commission on Budget Reform - Reports & recommendations.

Comeback America Initiative - Fiscal policy and debt reform information links, by David Walker, former Comptroler General of the United States.

Performance Based Budgeting at the State Level -                                    A possible model for Federal performance based budgeting. ALEC report.

Household Income Trends -  CBO Research Report 10-25-11

Budget Discretionary Spending Trends - CBO report to Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction 10-26-11

Importance of Innovation Investment and Trade on Deficit Reduction - report of Information Technology & Innovation Foundation,  Nov 2011

Federal Budget Waste - Sen. Tom Coburn MD 2012 List of Federal tax policy and expenditure waste.

Environmental Sustainability Issues

EPA Background on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Effects of a Carbon Tax on the Economy and the Environment - CBO Report Summary May 2013

Economic, Fiscal, Power, & Demographic Impacts of a National Carbon Tax - Regional Economic Models Inc. Research Report

State Taxation Issues

Regulatory Reform

National Small Business Summit